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All the doctors on our team have social security agreements. They are contracted either in sector 1 or in sector 2 with OPTAM .

Social security will reimburse you on the basis of sector 1 tariff (i.e. 70% of this tariff if you follow the treatment course). Depending on your mutual, you may be partially or fully reimbursed for the excess fees. Remember to check that your vital card is up to date.

Here are the fees most frequently applied according to the sector of agreement of the practitioner you come to consult.

Sector 1

Simple consultation (CS): 30 €

Complex consultation (APC): 50 €

Outside the nomenclature: 70 €

Sector 2 with OPTAM

Simple consultation (CS): 45-60 €

Complex consultation (APC): 50-80 €

Outside the nomenclature: 70 €

The requested fee overruns are applied with tact and moderation.

In some cases, an excess fee may be requested for the act of anesthesia, the anesthesiologist in consultation will inform you and  will give you a quote mentioning the planned act of anesthesia and the amount of the excess (like the surgeon)

If you consult for surgery for a pathology under an ALD or before your childbirth (after the 6th month), you are covered 100% by health insurance (full third-party payment). However, a practitioner approved by sector 2 may charge you an excess fee at the end of the consultation.

Payment method accepted: Credit card, Check or Cash.

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